October 21, 2020 1 min read

Do you have an old faulty iPad tucked away in that draw or cupboard that never sees the light of day?
Did you know iPads & tablets in general have gone up in value since lockdown.

With many people buying them to keep in touch with loved ones using video calling or great for the kids with learning apps or just fast internet browsing.

Used prices have actually gone up for iPad Air 1 or 2 models, and there’s a general uplift caused by demand on all models 

if your looking for some advice on if it’s worth repairing your iPad or tablet get in touch

Parts for some models are very expensive but others are reasonable and definitely worth considering 

plus you get the bonus of recycling an unused piece of tech that’s probably destined to the tip next time there’s a clear out 

time2talk Swansea repair all iPad and tablet models 
Battery replacement
Charging ports
Message us or call 01792 582020 for a quote

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