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November 04, 2020 1 min read

This Month has seen the launch of the iPhone 12 Range, delayed from its usual launch date due to the global impact caused by Covid 19.

With style cues taken from the 7 plus year old iPhone 5s it features upgraded cameras & processors and its certainly an impressive piece of kit, but is it as good as its competitors.

In terms of processor speed and build quality its probably ahead, in terms of key standout features its behind

Perhaps they are holding back on certain tech, but Huawei and Samsung have had some great features these last 2 years, such as onscreen fingerprint ID or power sharing between models and increased battery lives

That said apple will see a big uplift in sales from Networks offering an initial cheap route to ownership for consumers (more on that for future blogs)

apple also have a very loyal customer base who upgrade every year, but the days of queuing around the block at your local apple store are long over, similar to the new iWatch, a lot of customers will skip this generation and hold out to next year.

Then the question is will apple call it the iPhone 13?..... or will that be to unlucky for some


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