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Liquid/Water Damaged Mobile Phone Repair & Recovery service

Liquid or Water Damaged Mobile Phone Repair 
time2talk Swansea now offer a Liquid Damage Cleaning Service
We will disassemble your handset and clean all connectors inside.
The Process can take up to 3-5 working days, as we clean the circuit board up to 5 times for maximum effect

We are currently seeing a 75% Success Rate in the process, but due the nature of liquid damage we cannot guarantee success. However we do try our very best & will let you know if there is any other repairs required such as circuit board soldering or other parts needed
If your handset has been in contact with Liquid we recommend getting it in to as ASAP as the quicker we get the handset cleaned the better the chance of success
We will let you know if there are any replacement parts or micro soldering required and this will be charged separately, however we will provide you with a free estimate first.
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