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iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s / 6 / 7/ 8/ X - EE UK Network Unlocking

EE UK iPhone Factory Unlock

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Unlock your iPhone to work on any network. Increase its resale value or change your network plan.

Delivery time for this service is approximately 1-3 working days

Please ensure the IMEI you are submitting is 100% locked to EE UK as we cannot refund incorrect submissions.

IMEI blacklist checking service

IMEI Network checking service

Before ordering any iPhone factory unlock service please note

Please be 100% sure of the correct network before submitting an order.

If an incorrect networks IMEI is submitted you may not be refunded (depending on suppliers policy).

Please order our network checking service if you are unsure of what network your phone is originally locked to.

Do not submit iPad IMEIs using an iPhone unlock service as no refunds will be issued.

Plase read and agree to our iPhone/iPad Factory unlock terms and conditions.

Unlock Instructions

1. You will receive your unlock confirmation by email text or phone call. 

2. Insert a non-accepted SIM card  & Power on your mobile phone, follow the iPhone set up prompts.

3. Your iPhone will activate with the new sim and start showing signal.

4. Your iPhone is now unlocked permanently.

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