Charging port repairs iPhone and Samsung - Not charging faults

Mobile Phone Repair Replacement For Charging Port

If cleaning the charging port has failed, there's a good chance the charging port itself has gone faulty and needs replacing 

We can replace charging ports for all makes and models including iPhone Samsung and Huawei we can also change charging ports on all new and old mobile phone devices plus iPads and laptops including game consoles 

In fact if it has a charging port we can replace them, digital cameras, drones, Satnav plus much more 

We also repair charging IC on the main boards

Sometimes the charging ports are absolutely fine and the main charging IC chip on the circuit board has gone faulty, in this instance we can provide a quote as they range from £60 to £120

If you haven't tried our mobile phone port clean service (checkout the link below)

Mobile Phone Charging Port/Audio Clean - Time 2 Talk Swansea
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