Apple iPhone Level 2 Circuit Mother Board Repairs

apple iPhone Level 2 Circuit Mother Board Repairs

Repairing iPhone logic boards (also known as motherboards) can be quite challenging, especially when dealing with intricate components.

We charge £25 to open up the unit and perform a full diagnostic on the unit to determine what the exact problem is and if it can be repaired - at that stage we will quote you for further repairs if it cant be done within the £25 charge.  

Prices depend on the age of the unit and the fault and can be between £50 to £100 we will advise accordingly if we think the unit is BER (beyond economical repair) 

We also accept trade repairs from other shops and service centres and welcome any enquires to 

Let’s explore some information related to iPhone logic board repairs:

  1. Complexity of Logic Board Repairs:

    • iPhones, especially those after the iPhone X, use a double-layer circuit board design. This makes repairs more difficult because components might be sandwiched between the two layers.
    • Separating and rejoining these two boards requires specialized equipment and expertise in microsoldering.
    • Board-level repairs involve skills like using a hot air station, a microscope, and extensive experience.
    • Attempting these repairs without proper knowledge can lead to irreversible damage
  2. Common Issues and Their Causes:

    • Water/Liquid Damage: If your device has been exposed to water or moisture, it’s crucial to power it off immediately to prevent short circuits. Thorough cleaning and inspection can help assess the damage.
    • Baseband Issues: Symptoms include “No Service,” “Searching,” missing modem firmware, dropped calls, or audio interruptions during calls.
    • Touch IC Problems: These occur when touch issues persist despite the screen being fine. Signs include squares on the screen, unresponsive touch, or lines appearing.
    • Audio IC Failures: Glitches in sound functions, such as creaking sounds or microphone/loudspeaker interruptions.
    • PMIC (Power Management IC) Failure: Device won’t charge or revive even with a new battery.
    • USB IC Issues: Charging problems with various symptoms2.
  3. Professional Repair Services:

    • time2talk Swansea specialize in logic board repairs for iPhones and iPads.
    • These services involve micro soldering and replacing individual components.
    • time2talk Swansea maintain high success rates and adhere to manufacturers’ standards.
    • If other shops or  service centre's deem your motherboard unfixable, consider seeking a second opinion from a reputable repair specialist

Remember that logic board repairs require expertise, precision, and the right tools. If you’re not experienced in micro soldering, it’s best to leave these repairs to professionals.


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