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Hydrogel Screen Protectors

Hydrogel Screen Protector

High Impact resistant clear plastic screen protector available for front or rear with a range of finishes.

Our Hydrogel screen protectors are Simple yet effective protection! with great impact resistance against drops and scratches.

time 2 talk Hydrogel screen protectors are made to order while u wait, for all makes and models from mobile phones, and tablets to games consoles and watches every manufacturer covered. 

  • Hydrogel Made to order while you wait
  • Any mobile phone any make or model
  • Any tablet up-to 11 inch (iPads Samsung Tabs etc)
  • Free Fitting while you wait for local customers
  • Easy to apply for mail order
  • Our cutting machine Auto updates with every new release phone available so we will always have the Hydrogel screen protector you need in stock 

Gloss - compliments the finish on your smartphone (Front & Rear)

Matt - anti glare ideal for bright light situations office lights outdoors etc (Front & Rear)

Blue - reduce stress on your eyes (Front only)

Auora - gloss Finish with an extra sparkle (Front & Rear)

Camouflage or carbon - stylish protection for the rear of your smartphone or tablet (Rear Only)

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