January 19, 2023 2 min read

Apple iPhone and iPad quality is second to none and the most valuable tech company in the world are now safeguarding their brand from non genuine parts suppliers

In the recent past Mobile Phone repair shops could fit any part to an apple device, to repair the likes of broken screens, cameras and batteries etc.

The only way you would know is either by the poor quality of some parts or via specialist software that could determine if parts have been changed from the original

Apple has slowly introduced some big changes when it comes to non warranty repairs on their handsets. 

Essentially older units starting from the iPhone X models up to the latest iPhone 14 will now display a warning message in the settings if you have a non genuine (non apple manufactured) part fitted to the unit. 

 What does this mean to the customer? 

You will initially get a warning message when you first power up the handset informing you there has been a non genuine part fitted, this can be dismissed, but the warning will always be shown in settings. Not a huge inconvenience, especially when you consider a non genuine screen can be half the price of a genuine apple screen 

But when it comes to the battery its a different matter, apple will disable the battery health indicator on non genuine batteries, so a very useful function is disabled, add to that certain recycling firms will mark down the value of your handset based on these warning messages

Time2talk swansea are an accredited apple repair shop and can offer both genuine apple and non genuine (copy) parts, our website has both to suit customers budget and needs

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